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Acid Mines

Acid Mines

Acid Mines Minecraft server

Acid Mines

Acid Mines Minecraft server

Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:21 am by SirPsp

Acid Mines Sky Block

I have created sky block plugin for the server. Everybody gets their own space in the sky world to play their own sky block game.
Inventories are separated for each sky block; items cannot be transferred to/from other sky blocks or the rest of the server.
You can join a friend's sky block and play together without progressing/disrupting your own sky block.

To make certain items obtainable, there are some unique ways to play in the sky block. Refer to the below image.

How to play:

The most important thing for progression is to collect different coloured shulker boxes to find new items.
Losing certain items early on could mean that you are unable to progress and you will have failed.

Chest Chest
Now open to all
BETA: This is currently only available to a select few people until further testing is complete. It will be open to everybody when I know that it is safe and won't interfere with the rest of the server. If you don't have access and would like to, let me know.
If you have access to the sky, please be careful with your items from the main world, if they are somehow lost I cannot return them. (They should be fine though).

Restrictions: If any of the below are not true, if you find a way to get around them, please let me know.
You should not be able to teleport to any sky block without using /sky
You should not be able to teleport beyond the world border of the sky block
Items should be separate for each sky block and the rest of the server
There should always be a world border around the sky block
You cannot use beds
You cannot use portals
Ghasts, blaze and wither will not spawn
Ender chests work in the sky block and should be separate just like your inventory
Any command that can transfer or give items is blocked (/cl v, /giveto, /kit, /th)
There is no flying, jumpto, or other navigation commands
You cannot set a home or create a warp in the sky
Admins can go into spectator in the outside world, then teleport to the sky to view players
But you cannot exit spectator mode while in the sky

Again, please tell me if you find something that bypasses the above statements.

Minecraft 1.12

Thu Jun 08, 2017 8:53 pm by SirPsp

We are now on Minecraft 1.12

Read about all the new things here -

Parrot Blue  Parrot White  Parrot Green  Parrot Red  Parrot Light Blue

Achievements have changed to Advancements.
Advancements are now required for ranks, and everyone needs to complete them. If you are rank 19, to get to rank 20 you will need to complete all of the advancement requirements from rank 1 (you have not lost your rank though).
If when you rank up, your prefix changes to a lower number, that doesn't mean your rank has changed. Hopefully this doesn't happen but I think it might with admins.

We have custom Acid Mines advancements, click here.

Some things have not updated yet:
Holographic text, NPCs, Pets.

Trading cards and images on maps may look bad. Certain colours are being rendered as transparent.

The nether and the end have been reset.

Killer Bunny

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