Acid Mines Minecraft Server -

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* Added /sit to store

* Dealer hits on 17 if losing

* Added AcidSky


* Removed NPCs

* New Spawn

* Added vehicles


* Updated Cards

* Added 147 new cards

* Disallowed locking if no build perms

* Started logging armour stand death


* Upgraded RAM

* Saved money

* Added 1 new advancement


* Allowed NPCs to be in places


* Updated to MC 1.12.1

* Added ItemTrade signs

* Allowed zone owners to bypass limits


* Changed icon colours for cards

* Added Grappling Hook to TH


* Added SkyBlock

* Pets are updated

* DynMap is working


* Crouching and hitting a noteblock

will tell you which note it plays


* Added custom advancements


* Reset Nether and The End

* Added Parrots to forum

* Updated to 1.12


* Added Premium key to store


* Added Kits


* Disabled Easter event

* Fixed mpets


* Fixed restart times

* Added coords to zone info


* Changed server host


* Added new smilie to forums

* Started Easter 2017

* Added citizens back


* Removed The Grid

* Removed April Fools


* Changed skill names

* Trying to fix card images


* Double XP books now add up

* Emeralds blocks can be used for

Infusion after level 90


* Fixed donkey protection


* Added AlwaysSunny to donation store

* Added skill pulse gear shop in-game


* Added new trails to shop


* Added skill trails for lvl 105

* Added skill armour


* Added Rave Outfit to premium TH


* Added Miniature Pets to the donation store

* Changed rtele limits from 4k to 8k
* Added Premium and Special Keys to TH

* Added Magic skill armour to TH
* Increased limit for infusions on an item

* Added Ender Bow to TH

* Added disguises to the donation store

* Decreased 2nd/3rd division wins in lotto

* Changed /warp fish

Trading Cards Update


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Trading Cards Update

Post by SirPsp on Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:37 pm

Trading cards have changed in a big way.
Painting  Painting  Painting

Firstly, cards numbered 1-1000 will now be referred to as "Legacy" cards. These cards cannot be obtained in-game. There are 2 legacy card packs on the donation store, one for cards 1-600 and one for 601-1000.
(There may also be some activities which reward legacy packs, such as The Maze and The Cube).
Old legacy booster packs may have problems, I haven't fully tested them. To be safe, ask me before you open them.

Legacy cards have no changes to how they work.

All cards from 1001 onwards, including the already existing Black cards, are part of the new system.

Card rarity is no longer on a number system. There are simply 5 rarity values; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary and Special.
Special is for event cards which cannot be found inside packs.
Some cards, mostly Legendary, will have an animated effect.
Whenever a booster pack says it contains a Rare card, that also has a chance to be a Legendary. Otherwise, if a booster says it contains 7 Common, those 7 do not have a chance to be anything other than Common.

Each set of 50 cards will follow a rough standard of 25 common, 13 uncommon, 8 rare and 4 legendary. Sometimes adjustments will be made to fit in special cards.

Obtaining Cards
Cards are no longer randomly dropped. Instead, you earn card points and buy cards from /card shop
The methods are still the same (earning skill XP, enchanting, smelting) but instead of a card drop you will just earn card points.
The /card shop currently has 3 packs. The standard pack contains 7 common, 3 uncommon and 1 rare. The new releases pack contains the same but only the newest release cards. The 4 pack contains 4 cards of random rarity.
TH currently contains some 4 packs as well.

Rank 15+ also has a Cards kit every day which gives a 4 pack. /kits

Storage Books
Storage books still work the same as before, but are separated for legacy cards.
Important: Storage books 21+ (for cards 1001 and higher [Black cards]), will need to be converted. Hold them in your hand and type /cards convert
For commands such as /cards openinto: For legacy booster packs you need legacy storage books 1-20 (first 1000 cards). For the new booster packs, you currently need the first 10 storage books (cards 1001-1500).
You can no longer add cards to books by clicking in your inventory, or take them with /cards take, instead you should just use /cards read to add and remove cards.
Buy storage books from /rewards shop

The card shop at /warp shops is currently closed. The trade center will also need updating at a later time.

Remember, to view card commands just type /cards

New Cards
With the new update, I've made 147 new cards to collect. They feature characters from Game of Thrones, Marvel, DC, Overwatch and Rocket League.

    Current date/time is Sun Aug 20, 2017 4:26 am