Acid Mines Minecraft Server -

Donation Packages



* XMas advent calendar


* Enabled Halloween


* Personalised Cars


* Added FishBox

* Added Fish notifications

* Removed black from sky

* Increase shiny rates for lvl 100+


* Added /sit to store

* Dealer hits on 17 if losing

* Added AcidSky


* Removed NPCs

* New Spawn

* Added vehicles


* Updated Cards

* Added 147 new cards

* Disallowed locking if no build perms

* Started logging armour stand death


* Upgraded RAM

* Saved money

* Added 1 new advancement


* Allowed NPCs to be in places


* Updated to MC 1.12.1

* Added ItemTrade signs

* Allowed zone owners to bypass limits


* Changed icon colours for cards

* Added Grappling Hook to TH


* Added SkyBlock

* Pets are updated

* DynMap is working


* Crouching and hitting a noteblock

will tell you which note it plays


* Added custom advancements


* Reset Nether and The End

* Added Parrots to forum

* Updated to 1.12


* Added Premium key to store


* Added Kits


* Disabled Easter event

* Fixed mpets


* Fixed restart times

* Added coords to zone info


* Changed server host


* Added new smilie to forums

* Started Easter 2017

* Added citizens back


* Removed The Grid

* Removed April Fools


* Changed skill names

* Trying to fix card images


* Double XP books now add up

* Emeralds blocks can be used for

Infusion after level 90


* Fixed donkey protection


* Added AlwaysSunny to donation store

* Added skill pulse gear shop in-game


* Added new trails to shop


* Added skill trails for lvl 105

* Added skill armour


* Added Rave Outfit to premium TH


* Added Miniature Pets to the donation store

* Changed rtele limits from 4k to 8k
* Added Premium and Special Keys to TH

* Added Magic skill armour to TH
* Increased limit for infusions on an item

* Added Ender Bow to TH

* Added disguises to the donation store

* Decreased 2nd/3rd division wins in lotto

* Changed /warp fish

Rank Commands and Permissions


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Rank Commands and Permissions

Post by SirPsp on Sun Jul 06, 2014 4:42 pm

Rank 0 (default)
Click To View:

1 Guardian zone
Protection size 30x60x30
Virtual Chest size 9

/CL - ChestLock help
/G - Guardian help
/G block 30 60 30 - Get a block to create a protected zone
/books [title] - Get a book
/books list - View a list of available books
/spawn - Teleport to spawn
/tpa [player] - Request to teleport to a player
/tpahere [player] - Request to teleport a player to you
/tpaaccept - Accept a teleport request
/tpadeny - Deny a teleport request
/warp list - View a list of warps
/warp [name] - Warp to a location
/sethome - Set your home
/home - Teleport to your home
/help - View a list of commands
/msg [player] [message] - Send a private message to a player
/jail [player] - View info on a prisoner
/jail history [player] - View criminal record of a player
/rank quiz - Take a rank quiz

Rank 1
Click To View:

2 homes

/ac check [player] - Check a player's prefix, nick and suffix
/mod (message) - Send a message to all mods
/admin (message) - Send a message to all admins

Rank 2
Click To View:

2 Guardian zones

Chat in colour using & symbol
Virtual Chest size 18

/G - More Guardian commands and toggles

Rank 3
Click To View:

Rank 4
Click To View:

3 Guardian zones
3 homes

Rank 5
Click To View:

/giveto (player) - Give your held item to another player

Rank 6
Click To View:

Can chat with symbols
Virtual Chest size 27
4 homes
4 Guardian
Protection size 40x70x40

/G - More Guardian toggles
/CL craft - Open crafting table
/CL enchant - Open enchantment table
/compass set - Make compasses point to your location
/compass reset - Make compasses point to spawn

Rank 7
Click To View:

Rank 8
Click To View:

Rank 9
Click To View:

5 Guardian zones
Protection size 50x80x50
5 homes
virtual chest size 36

Rank 10
Click To View:

Break mob spawners using silk touch
Place mob spawners

Rank 11
Click To View:

/G - more toggles

Rank 12
Click To View:

6 Guardian zones
Protection size 60x90x60
6 homes
virtual chest size 45
chat with &k

Rank 13
Click To View:

/tame collar [colour] - Set a wolf's collar colour

Rank 14
Click To View:

7 Guardian zones
Protection size 70x100x70
7 homes
virtual chest size 54

/CL ender - open ender chest

Rank 15
Click To View:

Rank 16
Click To View:

/G - more toggles
/fly - toggle flying

Rank 17
Click To View:

8 Guardian zones
Protection size 80x110x80
8 homes

Rank 18
Click To View:

/jumpto - Jump to the block you are looking at
/acid jump - Create an acid jump stick

Rank 19
Click To View:

9 Guardian zones
Protection size 90x120x90

Rank 20
Click To View:

10 Guardian zones
Protection size 100x130x100
unlimited homes
2 virtual chests - /cl v 2

/ac nick [nickname] - Set your own nickname
/setitemname [name] - Set the name of an item

Ranks beyond 20 don't offer much. Only the ones that do are listed.

Rank 25
Click To View:

3 virtual chests - /cl v 3

Rank 30
Click To View:

4 virtual chests - /cl v 4

Rank: Mod
Click To View:

Open locked chests
Cannot be muted
Can access others' animals

/broadcast [message] - Broadcast a server message
/kick [player] [reason] - Kick a player
/mute [player] - Mute a player
/warp add [name] - Create a warp
/warp delete [name] - Delete a warp
/LB T - Get a LogBlock tool to check block history
/arrest [player] [hours] [reason] - Send a player to prison
/release [player] - Release a player from prison

Rank: Admin
Click To View:

Inherits from all ranks
Remove locked chests
Harm tamed animals
See others' private messages
Build in any protected zone
Toggle any protected zone's features
Disallow owners from zones
Always see chat from chat zones

/ban [player] [reason] - Ban a player
/unban [player] - Unban a player
/tame set [player] - Set the owner of an animal
/tame remove - Remove the owner of an animal
/tp [player] - Teleport to a player
/tphere [player] - Teleport a player to you
/gm s - Switch to survival mode
/gm c - Switch to creative mode
/gm a - Switch to adventure mode
/vanish - Turn invisible
/ams head [player] - Spawn a head
/ams fw - Edit a fireworks rocket
/weather [set] - Change the weather
/time [time] - Change the time
/CL view [player] - View a player's inventory
/ac suffix [suffix] - Set your own suffix
/thru - Move through a wall
/ascend - Ascend a level
/descend - Descend a level
/egg wolf [colour] - Spawn a wolf egg
/egg cat [type] - Spawn a cat egg
/egg horse [type] - Spawn a horse egg
/acid crystal - Create a stick that makes Ender Crystals
/ams dragon - Spawn a dragon in the end
/G - More toggles
/G [zone] disallowcmd [cmd] - Disallow a command in a zone
/G [zone] allowcmd [cmd] - Allow a command in a zone
/GB biome [type] - Set biome type of selected area
/spawn [player] - Send a player to spawn


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